.Rxseboy - i wrote this about no one Lyrics

Rxseboy - i wrote this about no one (Lyrics)

Rxseboy - i wrote this about no one (Lyrics)

black hoodie, grey sweatpants.
i'm walking round like a dead man.
i need help
and i need space
and i need you
to come erase.
these memories that you gave me.
reaching out, so come save me.
you can miss me with that hatred.
you've always been on that same shit.

taking me back.
take me away from like all of the facts.
and fill me lies.
cuz i hate goodbyes.
hate when you said that we never could try.

i ran the mile.
you watched from the side.
i put it in drive, but you wouldn't ride.
killing my ego, you cut off my pride.
you locked every door, and left me to die.
gaining my trust, you always would lose it.
you covered me with these cuts and these bruises.
i couldn't talk bout the things you were doing.
everyone looking at me like i'm stupid.

you want a friendship.
text me 'i love you' i watch you unsend it.
you disappeared like i'm watching unfriended.
you told your friends that you wish i would end it.

okay, tell me what is the point.
propane, blowing up, its a choice.
did this so you'd see me on top.
red pill, throwing up like a toss.

i'm sick to my stomach, i'm faded.
you live where the country is vacant.
i sip when i think of you naked. 
promised that you'd call when i made it
Didn’t get a call yet.
Told you in a year I’d be all set.
Now I’m all set.
When I’m off set.
Take a private jet to them islands.

I fly in.
And then buy them.
Now they wanna wonder where I went.
Been thinking bout the time that I spent.
Wit the girl that I still haven’t found yet.

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